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Baby Ballet                              

For children ages 3 to 3 1/2 year old. 

Classes consist of music appreciation, creative movement, imagination and mime techniques to prepare them for the further study of ballet and other forms of dance. They'll have fun too!


For children ages 4 - 5 years old. 

Classes consist of creative movement, music, drama and ballet techniques to prepare them for further study of ballet and other forms of dance.

Classical Ballet

Ballet Classes are offered to students six years of age and up. Through discipline and intensive training in the classroom we learn and perfect the technique which is necessary not only in the development of the professional dance, but for the general physique and coordination of the human body.


Students are considered for pointe work when they have reached sufficient technique and strength. 


 For students aged 4 years old and over. 

Classes are offer from pre to advanced. Jazz is enjoyed by all in its contemporary form with the emphasis on technique, rhythm and style. All jazz students are encouraged to also study ballet.


For students aged 4 years old and over.

 Classes are offered from pre to advanced. This class develops sound discrimination and rhythm and combines ballet and jazz techniques. Students learn a full range of steps which are then put into combinations and sequences. All tap students are encouraged to study ballet.

Hip Hop

For students aged 6 years and over. Hip Hop focuses on music video style dancing. Learn the latest hot moves while having a great time.


For students aged 9 years and over.  

 Lyrical dance is a fusion of ballet and jazz dance techniques. It is contemporary dancing which is a mix of ballet and modern but with a storyline. Lyrical dance challenges choreographers and dancers to use motion to interpret music and express emotion.

Musical Theatre

Offered to students 7 years of age and over. 

These classes combine studies of dancing, acting and voice. Students learn excerpts from musicals. Through the use of games and theatre sports. This course will guide students through basic acting fundamentals, the rehearsal process, and eventually lead to a full fledged performance.


Offered to students ages 9 years of age and over. 

Contemporary dance is an unconventional set of movemnts that are gathered from all dance styles of the world. This does not use fixed moves, and instead tries to develop new forms and dynamics based on raw emotion. 


Offered to students ages 6 years of age and over. 

Includes the basics of tumbling and floor exercise. Emphasis is on flexibility, strength and total body control. Students will start with front and back rolls and over time will progress to illusions, walkovers and aerial tricks.

Adult Ballet

This program is designed for those individuals who seek self improvement and wish to reduce stress. Using choreographed routines, participant can enjoy the benefits of stretching and strengthening exercises in a relaxed, healthy and fun atmosphere. 

Weddings and First Dances
Make your first dance a memory to last a lifetime,enjoy a choreographed routine to your song or just learn the basic steps in a comfortable fun professional atmosphere.


Students may be Invited to participate in our Competitive program


We offer programs for recreational purposes

Teen Ballet
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